Why Speaking Well of Your Spouse Is So Important

Credit: MichaelHyatt.com

As a leader, the health of your marriage directly affects the impact of your leadership… Being effective at work or in ministry begins by being effective at home.

Source: Michael Hyatt- Why Speaking Well of Your Spouse Is So Important

I wanted to share this post by Michael Hyatt that is a great reminder of things I am doing okay and things I need to work on.
How well do you speak of your spouse? Do you hold them up well publicly?

For example, my wife is more patient than she gives herself credit for. Being married to me is… well it’s not easy! I very often have to take time away from our marriage to give it to others- which is hard on our relationship at times, especially when I’m working from home. I’m right there… but I may not really be available and may be distracted. So yeah- not easy.

Fortunately, she is always telling me how proud she is of me and how she has been boasting about me to her lady friends, etc.
Well, let me take a queue from my ‘virtual mentor’ Michael Hyatt and agree with his recent post.
It often pains us to see couples and especially leaders who do not speak well of their spouses. Sometimes it is in humor, and yeah- sometimes even we are guilty of making fun of each other around our friends.
But I need to remember that eyes are on me these days. Michael’s point #5 hit home for me this morning:

To be a truly effective leader, you must lead yourself, and then you must lead your family. Your marriage is a powerful visual of how you treat the people you value the most.

When you speak highly of your spouse, your followers are more likely to trust you.

Source: Michael Hyatt-  Why Speaking Well of Your Spouse Is So Important

I am unbelievably blessed to have a wife that is so caring for me and so patient. Especially on weeks like this where I’m working way too many hours – I want to call out publicly that she just plain rocks.
I’m proud of how she is on a mission to help others, and I thought I would say so here! I’m really glad we get to do fun things together, and that we are both passionate about living our life to its fullest!
My wife and I meeting Joe Satriani in 2013
My wife and I meeting Joe Satriani in 2013
So- how will you hold up your spouse? Are you willing to do it publicly? If not- try Michael’s 10-Day challenge and see if it helps!
I encourage you to like and share this with your friends – and as always leave a comment if you like! I’d love to hear from you!

#TTT – TRAVEL Tip Thursday – CLEAR

I thought for this month’s Travel Tip Thursday I’d talk a little about CLEAR. I will be honest and tell you that I’ve been debating this one internally for awhile now because it is so niche and ‘spendy’ that it almost feels like too much… but then again, you’re probably reading this because you really do want travel advice from a pro. So…. here’s a pro tip!

If you are in one of the 12 airports currently serviced by CLEAR, you’d know it by their very special entry lanes:

CLEAR entry (vs TSA Pre-Check)
CLEAR entry (vs TSA Pre-Check)

If you need a hint- they are the ones with virtually no queue at any given point.

CLEAR is a service at airports that allows you to skip ahead of the queue at the security line by having an exclusive membership and proving your identity by using a bio-metric (fingerprint of multiple fingers) ID to move you quickly ahead of the line. Besides you feel like some sort of VIP or special agent or something. It is almost… fun.  If you can call anything at the airport ‘fun’, that is.

Now- what this is not is a way to get past security screening because… well that’s just crazy. But if you’ve been in a security line any time in the last… say 10 years, you know the pain it has become.

But up until late 2015 I have to admit to you that I had dismissed CLEAR as being unneeded because not only was I a ‘premium’ passenger that bypasses the regular line, but I also had TSA Pre-Check so I don’t need anything special… right?

Here is a picture from this Sunday morning, about 8 am at DEN:

DEN Security Screening
DEN Security Screening

I will be blunt here. It has been a long time since I’ve stood at the back of that particular line. No. THANK YOU! Maybe I’m alone, but that just stressed me out. Something about knowing full well my flight was in plenty of time but feeling like I wasn’t moving towards the place that would get me there… yeah. That feeling I’d give about anything to not have going on and that no amount of logic could fix.

Now- it’s one thing to be among the other frequent travelers in the ‘preferred’ lane… or maybe you’ve done the extra steps to be in the TSA Pre-Check lane… but what if you could get ahead of… BOTH of them?

It’s what I do.  Here’s where finally where I ended up on Sunday morning:

TSA Precheck line vs CLEAR line vs Premium Line vs... regular line
TSA Precheck line (left) vs CLEAR line vs Premium Line (right)

In other words, I walked into the airport, and walked right up to the CLEAR kiosk, scanned the boarding pass on my phone, put my index and ring finger on a scanner, and was escorted to the front of the TSA Security line. Yeah. In FRONT of all those people on the left.

Stress?  Gone.

Now- let me say some caveats- CLEAR is not going to get you access to the TSA Pre-Check checkpoint if you don’t have Pre-Check already… however- if you are someone that is maybe just starting out to build airline status or a premium passenger that finds the ‘premium’ line just as long as the regular line… CLEAR may be a good fit for you.

Now, the great part.

CLEAR is offering something right now that I didn’t even get when I signed up:  3 months free.  That’s right. THREE months. I got one. This is THREE. That is a 200% improvement, friends.

Now, do I think every single one of you should sign up… no. Do I think it’s worth it?  Well, did you see the picture I just posted?

Here’s what you do:

First- decide if it’s for you. If you fly out of any of these cities (as of Feb 2016, info from CLEAR):


Click here and when prompted enter the code SHERIFF.

And you can try it out for three months- on me.

You’re welcome :-) I’m sure CLEAR will give me something in return but I’ll be honest- I’m not even sure. I just think this product has been worth the under $200 per year to reduce my stress level in the security line. Maybe it’s just me, but I think I’m probably not alone!

I’d say if you fly out of DEN you’d see me there, but by the time you’re going thru the line- I’ll probably already be in the lounge. Because… CLEAR.

Cheers!  I hope this has been a helpful tip- I welcome your feedback and hope if this post was valuable you’ll share it with your friends as well!

#TBT Challenger: The Day Courage Died

Beginning this morning with tears. I was fine until they got to Reagan’s speech. This #TBT reaches back 30 years ago when I was in the 4th Grade.

On January 28, 1986, Space Shuttle Challenger was lost 73 seconds into its 10th flight, leading to the deaths of its seven crew members.

Source: Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster – NBC News

I remember watching in horror, not understanding what had happened. I was in a Lutheran school that year, and I recall the teacher praying with us. It really was a different kind of time…

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My 2016 Weight Loss Adventure – Video Blog Series – coming soon!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I am in the process of recording video for my new blog series, following my weight loss journey for 2016! I’m excited about it! Here’s an intro! https://youtu.be/lyHFitpXrNs?list=PLQ9Gtx3A-j2bXXX_FD4kgBvHEObXulHIt

You can find out more about our program at http://deej-n-evey.tsfl.com

Share this link with your friends- it’s going to be a great time!

#TechTipThursday #TTT- OneDrive for Business Now Supports Selective Sync and More

The OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client lets you connect and sync files from your OneDrive for Business. You can add a work or school account to the new OneDrive for Business sync client and sync all your files to your computer.

Source: Get started with the OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client in Windows – OneDrive

I have been testing the new OneDrive for Business client for a little over two months now and can finally tell you about it!

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See you at #CitrixSummit 2016 @Citrix Partners!

DJ Eshelman

There is a lot of things going on for 2016, and a lot of changes around here- but if you are a Citrix Partner I would love to talk to you about a new business I am launching in 2016 called B.O.T. Consulting!

B.O.T. stands for Belt of Truth, or the concept that being truthful in all things is what keeps everything together. In my years of Consulting I have found that people sometimes don’t want to hear the truth, and sometimes partners may not want to say the whole truth for fear of ‘scaring off’ the customer. But I believe that if you are up front and truthful about all things- everything will work out in the end, even if it is scary in the moment!

So with that, my new venture will continue pretty much what I’ve been doing for the last 5 years- representing other companies (partners) as a trusted expert without having to be an employee. I have been doing this for years with Citrix Consulting and other companies as a 3rd Party or non-employee resource and have already set up my company for it…. so why not take it to the next level?

B.O.T. will have a Partner-First focus- meaning we are focusing our services towards Citrix Partners first. Let’s face it- hiring a qualified Architect for something as niche as Citrix can be is difficult for most partners to justify. By not ‘chasing business’ or competing with partners, I can work with them for mutual benefit:

I don’t want to work for a company full time, and most companies would prefer not to hire someone like me full time!

If you are a Citrix partner I look forward to explaining more about it soon, and hopefully in person at Summit!

Boeing: Creating the 737 MAX

Boeing: Creating the 737 MAX

Okay, so it isn’t a travel tip per se, but those of us in the travel world usually can’t get enough of that new plane smell, even when it’s the same basic design we’ve had since 1967.

Yeah. 1967.

The 737 may be a bit old, but this latest facelift takes the small little advances being taken advantage of largely by carriers like Southwest to another level. Fuel Efficiency and overall comfort are the major highlights; but if you talk to mechanics and pilots they may tell you that operating efficiency is what really rules.

So- how does keeping a nearly 50 year old plane platform going profit you, the traveler?  Well, how many times have you been delayed because of mechanical issues? I can nearly guarantee you that the issues are shorter when you have a 737 because they are either easier to fix from experience, or there are enough of them around that the carrier can bring in a spare and use the same flight crew with no issues.

I wouldn’t look for the 737 to be going away completely any time soon, thought it is hard to imagine what Boeing could possibly do after ‘MAX’ for a model.  ‘MAX-ER’ maybe? No, that’s too much like 900-ER.  Needless to say- with the 737 making up roughly 25% of aircraft in service world wide and over 1,000 in flight every second of every day… it’s not going anywhere any time soon!

[Methodology Monday] Citrix XenApp Scalability v2015, Part 1 | Citrix Blogs

Uber-Geeky Citrix Architect Stuff Ahead!
My buddy Nick from Citrix is doing a new series on Single Server Scalability (SSS) – in other words, now many users can I safely put on a single virtual host?

This is important, because as an Architect you need to know how many servers to have your client buy to support their user count.  Just adding virtual machines is sooo Desktop OS, and sooooooo doesn’t work in the real world. As glad as I am for engineers who skip this step and keep guys like me busy, it also leads to a lot of ‘Citrix is slow’ kinds of talk. So for the good of everyone, it is critically important to understand this stuff!

Nick Rintalan: XenApp Scalability v2015, Part 1 | Citrix Blogs

So- once you have the amount of users you need and the hardware picked out to accommodate them, the new frustration is how to divide the VMs per host to balance them out appropriately. We know from recent testing that we can squeeze just a few more vCPU per pCPU than we could two years ago. But then again, architecture has been changing too which makes the decision making process much more difficult than you would think. If all things were easy, you’d say that if I can get a 2:1 ratio, that my shiny new 18 core CPU will give me 32 Virtual CPU cores to use for my VMs rather than the questionable 28 or so you’d end up with before. Well, if all things were easy.

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[Citrix] Tech Tip Tuesday: IOPS Battle! PVS vs MCS Test from ControlUp

[Warning- Geeky Citrix Architect Stuff ahead!]
Just couldn’t leave well enough alone, could you, Citrix Geeks. Just had to question it! The “MCS vs PVS” Debate rages on!

Well, here’s another test, this one conducted by my friends at ControlUp that proves what I’ve been saying!

The debate over PVS vs. MCS IOPS usage is still ongoing. In this article we put them to the test and give you our findings.

Source: The IOPS Battle Continues: PVS vs MCS | ControlUp


As to what I’m saying. I’m not saying that PVS with RAM Cache w/overflow to Disk (which needs a better name, Citrix!  How about ‘XenCache’?) will solve your IOPS issues.

What I’m saying is that it will ABSOLUTELY perform with less IOPS than without, and definitely less than with MCS.

Now- that may or may not matter. You may have a storage solution that performs well enough that even with the added IOPS you are still not impacting users.

But you better be DARN sure!

For me, PVS with wC in RAM with Disk Overflow is icing on the cake. The value is in PVS Operations, namely in managing vDisks. In my mind, this new wC should be the default, and the new debate should be over the size of the cache. Believe me when I say from experience that even a 64MB cache is helpful, the built in TRIM capability of the new mechanism works wonders on it’s own- the RAM is just an intermediary.

The key with that is the ability to be able to perform more IOPS, which in today’s world means happier users overall.

So- Let’s get to the why on this. Here is a quick and dirty decision ‘tree’ that I hope will help your discussions on the matter. In no means is this definitive*, just a starting point with common constraints or key benefits.

Select PVS if:

  • You are using Physical Endpoints (Yeah, it still happens, and they are still awesome for XenApp/Server VDA)
  • You have a need to manage multiple workflows or a large group of testers
  • You need to deploy hundreds or thousands of VMs with rapid Image changes to each
  • You don’t have a SAN or the SAN is not capable of handling the IO load.

Select MCS if:

  • You don’t trust your Network or Control hosts but you trust your SAN… for some reason.
  • You don’t have time to learn how to use PVS properly (trust me- that’s a valid reason!)
  • You have a lot of developers
  • You have less than about 500 VMs to manage
  • You are an Enterprise customer, *and* your SAN utterly and completely rocks *and* is DEDICATED to Citrix Resource workloads. If you have other servers on the SAN, stop talking to me and get back to the PVS discussion. I’m done with the myth that it doesn’t matter. It really does in the real world where your users will say “Citrix is slow”
  • You have a need for managing more than about 6 images
  • You really, really, really want job security from spending all of your time managing updates

As I said, it’s not a definitive list, and I’m sure after I finish typing I’ll think of four more reasons.

And as always, don’t forget that if you have a SAN that handles deduplication well and have a need for personalization at the OS level, using the “Dedicated” VM option (via Personal vDisk) is not something you need to do. Go ahead and just use independent VMs and manage them the same way you do your other endpoints and just load a VDA onto them and turn your users loose! The overhead of managing linked clones in an environment with deduplication at the SAN is just silly in my mind. In fact, I’m not alone in this- I think you’ll find that many practical Consulting Architects will advise you this way. Sometimes, the tech just gets in your way, and Personal vDisk is certainly in this category. Companies I have surveyed over the past three years say the survival rate for PvD is just under 6 months before they rip it out or rip out their own hair. It just isn’t worth it for non-developer workloads, folks! Let it die!

*DISCLAIMER:  I’m using definitive language here for impact and humor. In all seriousness, before making a decision on these kinds of things please consult an expert. There are a host of other reasons and factors that come into play here and you should absolutely select an Architect that takes those into account over their own agenda. Of course, I’m available as well. Just contact me to set up either an on-site or remote design assessment!

CONCLUSION:  MCS still sucks and PVS still rocks 😉
Unless you have reasons that override using PVS, it really should be your first consideration. In the event it isn’t practical, just know that Citrix delivery is still industry leading and your investment is perfectly valid!