I’m DJ Eshelman

Personal Life & Career Coach, Speaker, Author, and overall Xenaissance Man

Helping You Leave the World Better Than You Found It

Odds are good you are coming to this site because you’ve encountered me in one of the following contexts. No worries, we’ll get you to where you need to be!

Of course – I always enjoy connecting with people. Click the button below to book a 23 minute connect call with me and we can discuss your goals and what you’re after!

Personal Life Coaching

I work with individuals adjust their mindset towards happiness and success. A Coach looks at your blindspots and helps you see around barriers so you can leap over them! Let’s connect for 23 minutes and see how it fits for you!

Mastermind Groups

Work better in a group? No problem! I run several coaching mastermind groups! They are more affordable and offer a great accountability network!

Podcast Network

Shows like Better Than You Found It and more to come!

Citrix Technology

For the last 15 years, DJ has focused on a technology called Citrix. The time has come to stop focusing on doing, and teach you. Start with my new book “Be A Citrix Hero” – out now!


I am available to offer a message of inspiration to your next gathering – virtual or physical!

IT Career Development

DJ is ready to use 20 years of IT consulting experience to teach you to do the same! First step… keep it simple. The book will be out May 2020!
Helping You Go Beyond Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Success is only the beginning!

I believe that everyone has potential – but it is sometimes held back by our perspective of the past, our circumstances, or our beliefs. There’s good news: ALL OF THOSE THINGS CAN BE CHANGED!

You can feel good all the time

You can fully embrace your Zone of Genius - what you are uniquely qualified and gifted for in this world

Spend More time with those you care about, less time "working"

Live your own unique life and learn how that will create wealth in every aspect of your life

About Me

I lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado (USA) until my family moved to ‘the middle of nowhere’ with no electricity or running water in 1986.

Growing up as a teen living a normal life… other than having utilities… has given me a unique approach and perspective on the world – one that I am passionate about sharing with you.

I now live in the Nashville, TN area with my talented and lovely bride and a bunch of neglected guitars. I moved here specifically to begin networking with leaders in developing personal growth platforms. And that is exactly what I do today.

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