About DJEshelman.com

The basic goal of this site will be to showcase my professional life and give tips and insights into projects I'm working on in the following categories:

Information Technology:

  • XenMaster Speaks:  Citrix Technologies, such as XenApp, XenDesktop and all things Xen
  • Virtualization and XenServer
  • Consulting
  • Practical Day-to-Day advice
  • An overall ‘what's going on'


  • Advice on Traveling for Work (and some personal)
  • News regarding travel programs
  • Advice on travel programs
  • Humor

Oh, and if you're looking for political rants, they won't be featured here.

Also, my very personal life and spiritual blogs will be at a site to be announced soon; we are going to keep this site strictly professional!


Have an idea for me?